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Nature Immersion Mental Health Maintenance Program

  • The objective of the Nature Immersion Program is to actively engage first responders in outdoor pursuits. By doing so, we naturally cultivate a profound sense of community, unity, and camaraderie among participants; reinforcing the bonds of brotherhood and sisterhood. This initiative serves not only as a testament to our commitment to their mental well-being but also as a conduit through which we can rediscover the invigorating and healing power of nature.

  • This program is for EVERYONE; even those who wouldn’t describe themselves as “outdoorsy,” as there is a good balance for all levels. 

  • The address for Camp Hero is 186 Viney Hollow Rd, McKee, KY 40447

  • If you plan to stay the night arrival time is after 5:30pm and preferably before dark. Please bring your camping gear and any extra food supplies/Snacks. (Camping gear in the event there is not room in the cabin for sleeping)

  • The program will promptly start at 9am EST outside the cabin and end around 5pm.  

  • Dinner the night before will be provided, as well as breakfast on the day of the of (oatmeal, breakfast bars, etc.)  We will also have Lunch prepared by the Camp for everyone.  

  • Bring a water bottle for yourself.  We will have extra if you underestimate your needs.

  • If you have a personal knife you like to use for fieldcraft work, bring it.  We will have plenty of extras if you don't have one.

  • We will have all the training supplies available for your use, but feel free to bring personal equipment suited for survival or bushcraft-type training.

  • Day pack to carry supplies you may bring and supplies we will have the group carry.  

  • No dogs or family members (unless they are first responders as well).  We will have later dates available specifically set aside for family members to attend with you.  **service dogs are permitted**

  • If you have difficulty with mobility, there will be a side-by-side available for transportation to Nature Immersion activities. 

  • **If you have an extra service/agency patch that you would like to add to the cabin wall, please do so!!



Foundational Principles

  • Mindset, Skills. Teamwork, Gear


  • Law of Threes


Safety and Security

  • Ditch Medicine

  • Land Nav

  • Observation and Awareness



  • Clothes to wear

  • Sheltering

  • Fire



  • Natural procurement

  • Filtering

  • Purifying



  • Edible and Medicinal Plants

  • Traps and Gigs


During the Nature Immersion Program, mental health education and techniques will be introduced as appropriate. There is no expectation of individual or group sharing of personal trauma/stories, though this is welcome if participants are comfortable in doing so.

Scheduled Dates:

Saturday, May 18  (Previous event)

Thursday, May 23  (Previous event)
Saturday, Jun 29 (Significant Other / Friend / Family Member included)
Saturday, Sep 28
Wednesday, Oct 02

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