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Rocco and Lauren Besednjak are lifelong public servants.   Lauren is currently a Registered Nurse, and has been living her dream of working with children for over 15 years. Rocco spent over 4 years in the US Navy, before he was medically retired due to becoming disabled. Not wanting to stop serving, Rocco served as a police officer, for over seven years, before he was forced to retire, due to spinal injuries after being intentionally dragged and ran over by a wanted felon.   However, Rocco’s drive to continue serving, allowed him to convince Lauren to acquire a beautiful piece of property in the Appalachian Mountains of Kentucky.  Appropriately named Camp Hero, Rocco wanted  to be able to provide retreats, hunting trips, camping trips, and outdoor experiences for other wounded veterans and first responders.  During his early stages of being treated for service-connected PTSD, Depression and Anxiety (that were tied to his physical injuries) Rocco was able to find the organization, Kentucky Wounded Heroes (KWH), which also provides outdoor experiences for wounded veterans and first responders.  Through experiences with KWH, Rocco was able to fully understand the therapeutic benefits of being outdoors, in nature, and being around like minded people.  Rocco wanted the non-profit to be able to continue on this idea, and provide a location to be able to help other wounded heroes heal, and grow our heroes of the future. 

Rocco and Lauren Besednjak Founders and Directors fo Camp Hero Kentucky picture

Meet the Team

Daniel Haydon Camp Hero Kentucky

Founding Director

Daniel Haydon

Mike Poynter Camp Hero Kentucky

Director of Nature Immersion

Mike Poynter

Peter D.S. Akpunonu, MD.jpg

Camp Doctor

Peter D.S. Akpunonu, MD

Frank Besednjak Camp Hero Kentucky

Head of Marketing

Frank Besednjak

Caleb Stephens Camp Hero Kentucky

Founding Director

Caleb Stephens

Mattew Holmes Camp Hero Kentucky

Director of Maintenance and Equipment

Matthew Holmes

Johnny Estes Camp Hero Kentucky

Safety Director

Johnny Estes

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